«Comsales Grup» is one of the leading companies in Republic of Moldova specialized in industrial and agro-industrial construction. The design department of the company consists of engineers, designers, technologists and engineering specialists. This allows us to tackle complex projects: from standardized design to individual design.

When it comes to the execution phase of the construction - a good project can save you money. Therefore, precision, meticulosity and ability to coordinate paper work in no time - are the important qualities which our employees possess. 

Types of designed buildings

Commercial centers and leisure

Housing blocks

Administrative blocks and offices

Constructions with agro and zootechnical purpose

Industrial buildings

What are the stages of the development?
  • Signing a design contract;
  • Gathering requirements from the client
  • Converting technical specifications
  • Creating the project design
  • Acquiring the urban planning certificate
  • Elaborating project documentation
  • Project verification and work planning
  • Obtaining the building permit
  • Overseeing that all the requirements in the task document are met
  • Building commissioning.
What does the package of project documentation include?
  • Explanatory memorandum
  • General plan
  • Technological solutions
  • Architectural solutions and strength reports for the building
  • Engineering equipments and systems (water supply system, sewerage, gas, heating and ventilation systems, communication networks);
  • Fire alarms and automatic extinguishers
  • Management of the construction works
What are the required documents to acquire a Building Permit?
  • Land registry extract 
  • Urban planning certificate
  • Project documentation excerpts (explanatory memorandum, general plan, facades, chromatic solutions, planning of construction executions)
  • Project documentation approval (general plan, architecture, strength) or verification report for project documentation 
  • Identity card (for natural person) or registration certificate (for entities);
  • Author supervision contract, signed by the applicant (beneficiary) and the designer
Projects completed
6000 m2
Type of service:
2000 m2
Type of service:
1180 m2
Type of service:
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